As well as being the author of Writing Better Essays, I am the former Head of the School of Humanities at Kingston University, London and Director of the Kingston Writing School.    

I co-founded Kingston University Press and served as Director until my retirement from Kingston in 2017.

I have over thirty years experience as a teacher of writing, composition, grammar and rhetoric in universities in the UK and USA.

                    Editing Experience 

I have edited a range of collections for Kingston University Press, including the following:

1) Rethinking the Past, An Anthology of the Best Writing from the KWS & British Council International Creative Writing Summer School 2011-2013

2) Confluence, A Collection of Writing from the Students at University of Mississippi MFA in Creative Writing, 2016

3) Jizz: The New and Selected Poems, by the Sussex UK poet John Davies, 2018.

4) Conversations, An Anthology of the Best Writingn from the KWS & British Council International Summer School 2017, 2018.

5) 1473, a novella by the Turkish fiction writer and journalist Bedia Ceylan Güzelce, published in 2018.

6) Mehen, an experimental novella by the Greek fiction writer Athena Gaga, which will be published by Kingston University Press, 2019

I also co-edited with Professor John McLeod of Leeds University  a collection of academic essays entitled The Revision of Englishness, which was published by Manchester University Press

Contact me if you would like help in any area of your writing. I will ensure that you eliminate errors of grammar and/or punctuation. I can  provide editorial advice on word choices, sentence construction, structure and the like for any type of writing – academic, popular or commercial.

Email me: for more information and for a free informal discussion of your work and what services you may want