The 8th Annual British Council International Creative Writing School

Cancelled due to the coronavirus 

Our focus will be principally on paragraphs and paragraphing as all essays, no matter what their form or content, genre or audience, are finally the sum of their individual paragraphs.

The course is open to writers of all abilities and experience working in any essay genre, although it may be most appropriate for students. Workshops will be limited to 12 people. 

Each participant will receive a copy of Writing Better Essays: A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence, which will provide the material for use in the workshops. 

                                 Course Description:

This three-day workshop will focus on helping writers to develop a trusted process for drafting and revising their essays, whatever type and form their essays take. Based on David’s textbook Writing Better Essays: A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure and Coherence, which will be provided to all participants, the course is suited to all writers – including students whose interest may be principally academic essays – looking to enhance their knowledge of good practice and how to implement its qualities to improve their style. The course will include detailed explanations of key features of good writing, as well as examples and in-class exercises, including exercises involving imitation. Participants will be asked to send in a sample of their writing before the course begins, and they will receive feedback on their writing, which they will be encouraged to complete once the course finishes.

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